20 Ways To Get Back At Your Teenagers

After extensive experience, I have come to the conclusion that much like oil and water, Kurt and school do not mix.

Singer Britney Spears was one of the best selling female performers of the 2000s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much of my time this week has been spent brown-nosing to school officials, inventing new punishments for my son (that will never work), consulting every ADHD manual ever written and perfecting a withering look of disappointment that I lob in my son’s direction at every opportunity I get.

And drinking crying.

(And I get a lot of those opportunities to give him THAT look, now that the school has insisted that HIS school holidays  are to commence earlier than those of the rest of the school).

I have found some solace, however, in the (some might call it ‘psychotic’) nocturnal pleasure of developing ways in which I can hatch my revenge, (lawfully), during the following eight weeks of school holiday hell.

So here are my tips on how you too can exact revenge on your teenagers, without actually averting them to your foul play.

  1. Turn all the taps on in the house during their daily 30 minute shower ritual.
  2. Remove all loose change from your purse.
  3. Tag them on Facebook in those especially awkward family photos. Add photos of them as small children on the potty, naked, with braces and un-dyed hair.
  4. Meet them at the school gates occasionally, saying ‘you just happened to be in the area.’
  5. Alert the parents of their friends when your child sleeps over that your child may have a bedwetting problem.
  6. Discuss with their friends the problems your child has with relationships, your concerns about their skin problems and that you suspect your child might be gay. Then tell them how your child still gets into bed with you in the morning and suffers from obvious attachment issues.
  7. Get the family photo albums out with their friends.
  8. Abandon your teenager just as the cashier is about to serve you at the supermarket while you run to find something you forgot and leave them there to fend for themselves.
  9. Refuse to pick them up after 9pm in the evening so they have to walk up that hill or (GOD FORBID), suffer the indignity of public transport.
  10. When they are grounded, tell their friends that it is because they have been naughty.
  11. Turn off the home Wifi at 10pm.
  12. Change the password to Foxtel movies daily.
  13. Snapchat your teens photos of yourself getting dressed.
  14. Wear low-cut, short Britney Spears-style dresses to their school parents evening.
  15. Call them their pet names such as ‘Bunny’ and ‘Sweetpea’ in front of their friends and teachers.
  16. Use teen slang with their friends – this is even more effective if it is used in the wrong context.
  17. Pretend you and their father are locking your bedroom door on Sunday afternoon to go and have ‘special’ time.
  18. Discuss the facts of life and sexual positions with them in great detail, using yourself and their father as an example.
  19. Play Disney songs in the car when their friends are there.
  20. Leave a selection of porn DVDs and sex toys out in a very visible place in your bedroom.

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