The Objectification of Zac Efron: (Happy Easter, Ladies)

BREAKING NEWS: The actor, Zac Efron has been publicly objectified. The outrage happened at the MTV Movie Awards when Rita Ora ripped off his shirt after he won the award for best topless performance. Zac Efron has refused to comment but is said to be devastated by the public humiliation as well as the excessive offer from one middle-aged women’s magazine, BIG GIRL, to pose nude.

Zac Efron bicep tatoo (Photo credit: Tim Evanson)

I make no apology for lapping up what has been termed as the ‘reverse sexism‘ linked to the exposure of Zac Efron’s naked abs recently. The sight brought a personal sense of relief to me – my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome had been getting much worse recently, the result of holding the pause button down too long during the shower scene in The Lucky One.

Either he’s an actor who doesn’t believe in ‘sharing’, or Matthew McConnaughey’s philosophy of ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’, or he wants to be taken seriously. Whatever his reasons, sometimes Zac can be a little shy about getting his guns out.

The desire to be taken seriously must be a really tough call for those hottie male celebrities out there.

My heart bleeds.

(Before you get any ideas, Mr Hemworth, we take your acting VERY seriously.)

According to Clem Bastow in The Daily Life, whilst some of us sad old cougars were innocently drooling over analyzing Zac’s assets in terms of his physical suitability to his latest role, a lot of men have been feeling compromised at the sight of his…(wait for it)…exposed chest.

They are horrified that a young and talented ACTOR should be so sexually exploited.


Hey! Instead of reverse sexism, how about calling this ‘equality’?

I don’t hear many of those men complaining when Kim Kardashion gets her big fat ass plastered over every magazine front cover or when they get to vote on the best celebrity bikini bod.

And I’m damned sure that Zac knew exactly what was happening at that awards show and if it had been Seth Rogan in his place, there wouldn’t have been the same backlash.

Can we put this one down to an appreciation of art, gentlemen? Art that has been so perfectly chiseled, it is on a scale of aesthetic beauty comparable to Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. And art should be appreciated.

English: Michelangelo’s David (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And if Zac chooses to take his art as far as Michelangelo did with David and go the fully Monty, so be it. Who am I to judge?

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