Why Does Every Drink Come In A Jar These Days?

English: Photograph by ManekiNeko and released to the public domain. Two large jars of agua fresca in a Mexican restaurant in Seattle, Washington, USA. On the left is a jar of jamaica and on the right is a jar of horchata. Restaurant employees serve the drinks by ladling them from the jars into glasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you noticed that every drink you order in a cafe or restaurant comes in a jar these days?

I know that may make me sound middle-aged, but WTF happened to traditional, elegant glassware?

I ordered my favourite cocktail, a Classic Margarita, in a restaurant last night. I was exited at the prospect. A cocktail is still a treat for me these days and I had worked myself up to my glass of Margarita, with that bit of salt around the rim to contrast with the lemon. And then it turned up in a fucking jar.

I saw myself as more Bond girl, than milkmaid!

Why are we made to feel so guilty about glamour these days? Why is the notion of decadence frowned upon and anything ‘cool’ has to look grungy, organic or healthy?

We hark back to the simplicity of life in the fifties but that period depicted glamour as well as diners and milkshakes? Not everything was that great then, either. Us women would have been making the cocktails for our men, back then.

So surely, not all progress is bad?

Don’t get me wrong, I like a vintage touch and am quite partial to an Alannah Hill cardie and getting back to a roots level sometimes, but I also have days where I want to strao on my gold sling backs, cavort in my satin dress and feel fabulous too. When I’m paying $14 for a drink I can make at home for $4, I want a posh glass. Drinking Margarita from a jar is a bit like drinking Champagne from a tumbler.

I totally get the milkshake thing in an old-fashioned milk bottle or jar. I do. It’s kind of cute in a milkbar/pink/Cath Kidston kind of way.

They remind me of when we used to get milk for morning tea at school – small bottles of warm milk on a summer’s day that you had to suck really hard through the straw to bypass the congealed cream that sat waiting to gross you out at the top. Those were the days before we worried about cholesterol and bacteria or having too much fat in our diet, eating cream cakes or the responsibility of handling glass in public.

Removed from school (Photo credit: theirhistory)

I may be middle-aged but I’m not averse to new design and innovation.

But I like my alcohol to look like alcohol.

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