Can Middle Aged Women Really Wear Ankle Boots?

teal dress with ankle boots and cardigans+cat eye sunglasses and louis vuitton speedy-los angeles (Photo credit: …love Maegan)

Ankle boots are back and it looks as though they’re here to stay.

Sometimes I wonder what the fashionistas and designers are thinking. Do they ever consider how middle-aged women will look in their designs or are we really as invisible as they’d like us to be?

Let’s pause for a moment and think about the crop top, the g-string, low-waist jeans and platform wedges. I rest my case.

Because while having twigs for legs might suit the cut of the ankle boot, that doesn’t mean they will suit the swollen ankles of menopause.

Which is why I was obviously a little reticent about the return of the ankle boot.

I may not be a fashion or style writer, but I am a middle-aged woman who still gets a compulsive enjoyment out of fashion and I am always in search of clothes that don’t make me look a) like a hooker or b) like a bag lady.

And just as I scoffed when some idiot thought that skinny jeans would look good on everyone, and then at jeggings a few years later, more recently I have been guilty of ridiculing the return of the ankle boot.

‘You’ll never get me back in fucking ankle boots!’ I might have declared to my friends a year or so ago.

It was about the same time that I had just broken the bank and tested my marriage vows when I splashed out impulsively on a pair of VERY expensive, vintage-looking, knee-high tan boots and was still happily cavorting around in them ‘Kate Moss at Coachella’ style. 

Kate Moss by Mr Brainwash (Thierry Guetta), New Oxford Street, London (Photo credit: chrisjohnbeckett)

But fashion moves forward at a relentless pace, and typically, as soon as I buy anything VAGUELY fashionable, you can guarantee it’s OUT.

And ankle boots began to breed like Octomom in every shoe shop.

So I was forced to consider them again. Perhaps I had been hasty in my judgment and they wouldn’t make my legs look stumpier, if that was physically possible? With a chunky heel, they could almost look flattering, my inner voice prayed?

But could the middle-aged bag lady really admit to being wrong about fashion AGAIN?

NC had bought a few pairs (because she’s a student and has lots more disposable income than I do, working in the local bar at the same time as fleecing her parents), so I snuck into her room one night to see how they looked on my tree trunks legs.

Not bad…

So I figured  – naively – that with half the materials required of a normal boot, a pair should set me back half the cost, shouldn’t they?

Alas, no.

And so the search began. My quest: to source the perfect pair of ankle boots for under $60. I could pay for them with cash and pretend the money was for Kurt’s drumming lesson so that the old man need never be the wiser.

I found this pair in Just Jeans and at $59.95 my new ankle boots look super-cute with my short dresses with leggings get-up. 


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