The Middle-Aged Nesting Instinct


What I should be doing is organising the insidiously boring stuff involved with a house-move, like the utility connections (yawn!), but all I can think about is how I am going to furnish my new little apartment.

I should be working too, but I keep getting distracted by Ikea and Freedom and Etsy.

Navajo prayer rug, Art institute of Chicago (Photo credit: Dimitry B)

Bayliss carpets can make me orgasm at my desk. Who knew there were so many beautiful flat-weave rugs to compare?


The old man keeps calling me from work for an update on our ‘shoot me now’ To Do list, which doesn’t seem to include the important task of accessorising teal blue cushions with my existing artwork, repainting old furniture and generally spending lots of money. He expects me to waste valuable styling time providing our new address to boring institutions like banks and insurance companies and to wait an eternity for telecommunication suppliers to answer the fucking phone.

This is the old dressing table I’m painting while I wait for Optus to call me back – doesn’t it look pretty?

Look at how nice my dressing table looks!

And then there’s Kurt’s birthday at the end of the week. He keeps dropping hints about a homemade birthday cake. Doesn’t he understand about priorities? My fault for spoiling him in the past, I suppose…

Nailed It!

But the really exciting part of moving house for me is nesting – gathering all those perfect materials to make home feel like home. I AM trying to restrain myself and wait until we get into the apartment before I accessorise the kids with the apartment, (which I know makes sense), but that sort of controlled behaviour is simply not in my nature.

I want everything to be ready by the first night at the latest.

Kurt and NC think it’s hilarious but the old man is pulling the few hairs left on his head in frustration because I still haven’t organised the hazardous waste team from the council to come and collect the paint pots that have been fuglifying our garage for the past year.

Not exactly a priority in my view.

And I AM a very busy person, after all. Finding the perfect frames for prints can be SO time-consuming, as is sourcing the right dog bed to compliment my new living room paint colour.

I think the cream fur will suit the Princess Spoodle but if it doesn’t work, she might have to go.

I’m rather taken with this rope floor lamp for the living area … but then again I’m not really going for a coastal theme this time….

Pier Rope Floor Lamp from Freedom (

First world problems…

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