Being Absolutely Fabulous

Champagne Mumm (Photo credit: dpotera)

As time is not my friend at the moment and I’m chasing my tail rather like a dog with rabies, this post is as an ode to Faux Fuchsia, a blog I l adore. Faux Fuchsia focuses on style, society and fashion and is directed at wannabes like myself who have a talent for eating anything edible, drinking too much Champagne and have an unhealthy appreciation for the absolutely fabulosity of life, darling.

I’m on a bit of an absolutely fabulous roll myself at the moment, with an engagement party yesterday afternoon, dinner with old friends from the UK tonight (MONDAY FUCKING NIGHT!) and then a blogger event on Thursday, where I actually get to inhale as much bread and wine as I want.

Tough gig, that one!

Sod’s Law, really. You have fuck all in your diary for weeks and then three events at once, so it goes without saying that I’m having daily meltdowns about having ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL to wear; which is every woman’s right and obviously the old man’s fault.

And I’ve also got a cold, so just when I want to look drop-dead gorgeous to have a chance of competing with all my gym bunny friends, my eyes are attractively puffy and there is a permanent layer of dried snot framing my nostrils.

Never mind!

Absolutely Fabulous letters – BBC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were treated to a veritable feast of Champagne and an interesting fusion of Asian and Belgium food at our friend’s party yesterday – basically noodles and chocolate or in other words, every girl’s dream. I caught up with some of my besties and due to some very speedy over-quaffing in our toddler excitement, I MAY have been very drunk by the time we got home and I remembered that I still had to cook Sunday dinner.

I’m sure the kids didn’t realize.

I’ve finally decided on my little Zara polka dot number for tonight and I actually found a scarf to go with it in this tiny little boutique in Neutral Bay when I collected the Princess from the groomer this afternoon. Thankfully, I had cash on me so the old man will never know.

God, who would work in a vet? That place smelt like a diarrhoea tsunami had hit it this afternoon – no wonder the Princess was in an even more heightened state of anxiety than usual, other than simply stressing about her bad hair day.

Even better, the scarf compliments my other favourite outfit at the moment, which consists of my Peter Alexander cookie pj bottoms and UGGs.


Because I’m so OCD super-co-ordinated and somewhat of a middle-aged fashionista I like to accessorize absolutely everything if I can, so I bought these yellow flowers as a token of the old man’s ‘too mean to bring more than one bottle of wine’ appreciation for tonight. I wish they were for me. It’s been a long time since I received anything other than the bargain basement dead type they give away for free at the petrol station.

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