Why I Write

I’ve delved back into ‘the book’ with a passion over the last couple of days due to a ‘no screaming clients zone’ at the day job. It has been more orgasmic than watching the make-up sex scene in The Notebook. 

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Well, nearly….

I’ve finally finished the first edit and have checked the structure to see if the storyline makes any sense whatsoever and I’m quietly excited by it.

I think there’s something for everyone, unless you’re intelligent – flawed characters, human weakness, black humor, inner turmoil, sordid sex, social injustice and resolutions.

It’s a kind of realistic chick lit where real people are dealing with real problems yet still manage to forge and repair relationships along the way.

And did I mention that it still manages to be funny…in parts?

Best remind me not to market the book, personally.

But what I also rediscovered this morning is how much I FUCKING LOVE WRITING, whether it’s the book or this blog. It’s why you can’t stop me, even when I write those posts that no-one reads.

I love this little blog and over-sharing my opinions on just about everything to do with middle-age; although sometimes I do question who could possibly be truly interested in my boring little life and how I can make it sound more interesting than it actually is.

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How can I put the Cosmo into My Midlife Mayhem?

Sure, I can be gross, I can shock and I’ve written a few posts about willies and vulvas because being mildly offensive comes easy to me but I need to keep the blog interesting for ALL my different readers and sometimes that’s a struggle – if you’re not my identical twin, say.

Whereas in the book, I can write about whatever the fuck I want. I can create the sort of characters I would like to meet and be friends with, describe the sex I’d like to experience and develop whatever situations I bloody well want. It’s like having a superpower, and published or not, the book will always be my legacy.

But back to this blog hop I was invited to – ‘Why I Write’ – by the absolutely fabulous Brenda at Mumabulous, who shares my far-from-healthy interest in hawt, young men – here are my answers to the questions:

What I’m Working On

See above.

How Does My Writing Differ From Others In My Genre?

It doesn’t, and I don’t see that as a bad thing, necessarily, because I want my readers to feel they identify with me. There are a lot of us women out there experiencing the delights (!) of teenagers, (in particular those lucky enough to have those of the wildly talented ADHD strain), the glorious symptoms of Menopause and the spontaneity that goes hand in hand with a long and tedious marriage or partnership.

But if you’re looking for intelligent or considered thought, My Midlife Mayhem is probably not the blog for you. If you’re looking for a belly laugh at the bitch-fest that is ‘getting older’ and can accept my impulsive, scathing style of writing, give it a go.

Why Do I Write?

See above, and….

Three main reasons:

  1. It saves me a fortune in psychology fees and stops me from bolting the minute I can’t cope, tearing my grey hair out or drinking three times the weekly allowance for women.
  1. I’m probably a complete narcissist and love the attention although I haven’t even truly admitted that to myself yet. I’ve always had trouble making and keeping friends. I think I’m funny – other people don’t. On the blog I can be ME without having to worry about offending people. Writing gives me a virtual friendship group of characters, fellow bloggers and readers and it takes the pressure off me to leave the house and be sociable.
  1. Creativity sates me. I need a creative outlet. When I can’t be creative, I wither and drink. I’m a far better writer than I was a furniture painter.

How Does My Writing Process Work?

My family is fundamentally my muse and triggers might include an off-the-cuff facetious comment from the old man (who can still be funny, VERY occasionally) or an impulsive act from my son Kurt. I am an overly opinionated person anyway and the blog serves as a very accommodating forum to air my misguided opinions.

There is a process of sorts – a note on my iPhone if something titillates me, a rough draft straight onto the page without a lot of thought and then I go back to it several times until it feels authentic and is funny. I add the humor after the first written vomit.

And there it is. Why I write. Bet you wish Mumabulous hadn’t asked.

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