One Small Step For Mum And It’s A Wrap

I’m a complete stalker when it comes to food porn, and new, quick and easy recipes.

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If I had the right guinea pigs in my household, who did what they were told, I fervently believe I could have been a great cook, but unfortunately the kids didn’t inherit my ‘foodie’ gene and instead inherited the old man’s taste buds for ‘bland’.

Whenever a photo of a some divine new recipe for a flourless chocolate cake, say, pops up on my FB page, it makes my day even better than a picture of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth. I waste more time drooling over food images than working.

But alas, I’ve given up on trying new recipes with my lot. There’s enough pain and disappointment at dinner time and I have to tread very carefully when I attempt to pass anything new or ‘foreign’ through the family’s tight food quality regulations.

Every mother knows what it’s like when one member of the family likes spicy food and the other hiccoughs at the sight of it; when one loves carbs, and the refuses outrightly to touch them, and when one decides to go vegetarian that day and the others will only eat meat and two veg.

Which means, usually, we end up eating four different versions of the same protein – about as far from the idea of the perfect family sit down meal as can be.

If I have salmon and salad, the boys have salmon pasta and NC will stir-fry it up in some spicy sauce. If I make meatballs, I have them on salad, the boys douse them in a heavy tomato sauce with pasta and NC will huff and puff about me never cooking what she likes and then make something different entirely.

However, recently I’ve discovered a new trick. It’s rather like when the kids were little and we used to mash up veggies and disguise them in mashed potato or Bolognese sauce.

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At least two or three times a week, I’ve taken to turning every meal I make into a taco, tortilla or quesadilla.

Now, it might be the novelty, or it might be that every small and trendy bar in Sydney is serving wraps at the moment, or simply just because it’s more kinaesthetically fun to make-your-own food, but if I offer anything in a wrap alongside a tempting selection of cut up veggies/salad, cheese and dips, cheese and the healthy filling of my choice, dinner disappears without a hitch.

Dare I say it – this culinary advancement has almost made family meals enjoyable again.

Here are just a few ideas of what I’ve put in my wraps so far, but let’s face it, the world’s your oyster:

Sliced rare Sirloin steak and roasted veg

Chilli beef with kidney beans

Lamb with mint, Tsatsiki and grated carrot

Salmon with a yoghurty/dill dressing or a mango and coriander salsa

And yes, natural and organic paleo preachers, I do know that white carbs are the devil’s food which is why one day I will endeavour to try and switch to wholemeal or even making my own wraps, (cough – never gonna happen!), but this is one small cooking step for mum in my household.

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