Friends, Holidays And Doing Fuck All

I’ve spoken before about the need to prune the bush of friendship before; about the sad inevitability that as we age, we evolve, yet sadly not always at the same rate or in the same direction as our friends. 

But fortunately, one of the BEST things about getting older is that we no longer have to tolerate those people or their shit in our lives. If it ain’t working, we don’t have to fix it, as long as we have the balls in our new skin to accept possible repercussions, such as watching Netflix with the dog on New Year’s Eve.

Sometime between Christmas Day and New Year, the content on my Facebook news page changed dramatically from glammed up Christmas Day family photos – with associated food porn, fairy lights and every excess imaginable – to the photos of what my circle of friends have chosen to do in the grey area before the last round of binge drinking on New Years Eve.

These pieces of photographic evidence provide an interesting method for judging your friends,

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have been an Olympian under-achiever this week, and that the only times I’ve set foot out of bed before 1pm have been for food, alcohol or a pee. It has taken a supreme effort to merely lift the remote control to flick between Mad Men episodes and the only communication the old man and I have shared have been arguments over which restaurant to go to or whose turn it is to take the Princess out for her bodily functions.

But isn’t the true definition of a ‘holiday’ to do fuck all?

That’s why I won’t be guilted out by those friends of mine who have indirectly and (in my opinion) selfishly made me feel more inadequate by posting photos of themselves DOING ACTIVE STUFF, or even worse, choosing to go somewhere cold and geographically challenging when IT’S FUCKING SUMMER IN SYDNEY.


I get that we aren’t all cut from the same cloth and obviously some people see the potential of a week off work as greater than channel flicking as a form of workout; and more bizarrely associate relaxation with exercise, fresh air and maintaining some level of fitness.

Who are these people? And how did they become my friends?

#lazy #holidays #bed #middleage #Humor #Friendship

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