Middle-Aged Women Doing It For Themselves At The Oscars

How wonderful was it to see the more mature lady steal the show at the Oscars today?

Haute Couture by Josephina54 at http://www.flickr.com

Why, I hear you ask?

Well firstly for BEING THERE in the first place, which must be a sign that Oscar is finally moving with the times and creating more roles for middle-aged women – (equal pay may come next, Patricia and Meryl) – and secondly, because middle-aged women appear to be overshadowing the younger ladies in the fashion department.

There have been some real standouts in the style stakes at this season’s award ceremonies, as well as a bold display of confidence never before seen in mature women.

And I’d love to give you pics to paw over like I’ve been doing all day but as I don’t want to get sued, here’s a link:


While Meryl Streep knocked it out of the park in her rebellious jacket and skirt, Patricia Arquette looked regal and thoroughly deserving of her prize.

In my book, a black and white combo is always a sure thing.

There was no covering up the bat wings or dressing for their age (wince) this year, even some of the men stood out. The blue tux may finally be growing on me, Eddie Redmayne but NEVER the maroon…


But this year’s Oscars style was all about winning women who exuded confidence.

Thank God Jennifer Aniston has managed to drop the safety net of girl-next-door-look that she cultivated in Friends, in favour of a new, raunchier style, where (REAL boobs) take centre stage.

Meanwhile Jennifer Lopez looked muchos latino Disney princess in a glittering creation that bedazzled all in her wake and even made Lady Gaga look tame. The full, sparkling caramel gown celebrated old-style Hollywood’s glitzy glamour, while its low neckline suggested a contemporary twist and demonstrated the brazen confidence of a woman who knows exactly who she is.

Sadly the Aussie contingent didn’t wow me this year. Kate Blanchett, to whom I usually rely on for high fashion risk, looked uncharacteristically drab in a flattering yet spectacularly unexciting black dress with aqua statement necklace – although her choice to downplay may have been an attempt to avoid vacuous questions about ‘who she was wearing.’

As for Nicole Kidman – the colours of her dress were sadly reminiscent of a bottle of Moet.

The British made their mark, led by Rosamund Pike who looking stunning in a strapless red floral number with enticing slit, and Benedict Cumberbath totes nailed Bond as he charmed in his white tux.

For me the verdict is still out on Emma Stone’s green Elie Saab dress. Emma can usually do no wrong for me with her styling choices, but the putrid green tone of her dress was so assaulting on tired eyes at 9.30 this morning, (before my first coffee of the day), I nearly had to reach for a bucket.

And I admit to feeling let down by Marillon Cotillard’s dress, because she normally airlifts Parisian style to another, much more exciting level.

So my favourite couple of the evening has to be Reece Witherspoon in her classic black and white, (which had all the winning ‘less is more’ ingredients of the dress Julia Roberts wore when she won her Oscar) – a classic statement of simplicity and perfection, and one which perfectly complimented Benedict Cumberbatch, who was irresistibly sexy in a stiff British kind of way.

Although, Margot Robbie’s sexy chiffon dress with the best statement necklace EVAR was a runner up for the ladies award.

Anyways, off to celebrate with the other Cumber-bitches! Converted!

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